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Make Your List and Check it Twice Without Breaking the Bank

Stepping into the holiday season can seem overwhelming at times. Between garlands, gifts, and groceries, there is little to cut corners on when it comes to mapping out your holiday budget. Thankfully, there are many ways to prepare for the inevitable spending spree that comes with this time of year.

Start Early
Gift shopping doesn’t necessarily have to begin on Black Friday. While it may feel odd to shop for the holidays in the summer months, your wallet will thank you in the long run. Take advantage of sales throughout the year and collect gifts for loved ones over that long span of time. Not only will you have diminished your financial stress for the month of December, but there’s a good chance you’ll also save money along the way. Shopping sales throughout the year will allow you to buy items that will likely be marked at a higher price point toward the holidays.

Start Slow
One of the biggest culprits when it comes to overspending is shopping in a rush. Statistically speaking, over 60% of Americans do their holiday shopping a week before Christmas. This doesn’t leave much time for decision making, and it certainly doesn’t leave time for scoping out better deals. One of the best ways to stay in your holiday budget and find the most affordable gift options is to have a game plan. Start slow and don’t leave yourself scrambling at the last minute.

Start with Orlando Credit Union
While there are many hacks to help with holiday spending, the financial stress that comes during this time of year is often unavoidable. However, Orlando Credit Union offers a solution to fill your home with cheer and fill your head with the peace of mind that you won’t break the bank. We offer holiday loans to give you the financial boost you need. Whether you’re in need of cash to head home for the holidays or to make major purchases, a holiday loan from Orlando Credit Union will give you the funding to make your list and check it twice without any financial stressors. This lower-rate option is a great alternative to high-rate credit cards. To find out more information or to apply today, head to the Holiday Loans page on our website.