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Relax and let Auto Advisors find your perfect vehicle.

Take the worry, stress and frustration out of buying a vehicle by letting Auto Advisors do all the shopping and negotiations for you – a no-cost member service offered by Orlando Credit Union.

An advisor will help you understand the entire car-buying process and help ensure a hassle and haggle-free experience. They look at the entire transaction; from trade in values, to add-ons, to dealer incentives, rebates, and financing, and work to get you a great low price, helping you save thousands on your purchase.

Auto Advisors will:

  • Locate the vehicle you’re looking to purchase.
  • Negotiate and handle the whole process.
  • Get you a great low price.
  • Save time, money and relieve you of all the car-buying hassles.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Just like you, Auto Advisors has adapted for your safety and theirs. They are now offering virtual service and a home or office delivery, all from a safe physical distance.

Watch the way that Auto Advisors makes your car buying experience a hassle-free, haggle-free service. Visit to learn more.

To Get Started:

Fill out our auto financing application.
Once approved, you can connect with Auto Advisors and begin your car shopping!


Have questions? We're here to help.