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Fraud Alerts

We take the security of your accounts seriously. That’s why we provide fraud alerts to make you aware of the latest fraud schemes. Be on the lookout for our alerts, sent directly to you when we’re made aware of new security threats.

Many instances of fraud that we see have common elements. Below are some common fraud schemes we’ve seen:

Fraud targeted at cardholders

Beware of a scam where fraudsters call debit and credit card holders requesting personal information such as PINs, passwords and/or the CVV number on the back of your card.

Sometimes the fraudsters are able to provide members with information such as card numbers. Please do not provide any personal information to people reaching out to you.

Keep in mind that Orlando Credit Union, Visa® or any companies that we work with will NEVER call, email, text or otherwise reach out and ask members to verify or provide personal information.

Fraud targeted at online job applicants

This scam involves online job postings and emails from “recruiters.” The company in question is a real business with a legitimate website, so you may email the “recruiter.” The “recruiter” replies and invites you to an interview via an instant messenger service. Afterward, they may express interest in hiring you. A letter of employment is then sent which may require you to complete, sign and return with personal information such as your Social Security Number, address, phone number, etc. A counterfeit check with the Orlando Credit Union logo may then be mailed to you to “purchase training equipment.”

Do NOT cash this check. Contact us at 407.835.3500 to verify if the check is legitimate.

Fraud posing as a sweepstakes

This scam consists of members receiving a fraudulent sweepstakes letter in the mail announcing that they are a winner. A fraudulent check is enclosed to “assist with the applicable Tax and Insurance handling fee.”

Do NOT follow the instructions on the letter, call the included number or deposit the check.

Call us at 407.835.3500 or send an email to with questions or concerns if you’ve received this letter.

General Fraud Tips

  • Never give out your Social Security Number or other personal information over the phone. If you get a call claiming to be from Orlando Credit Union, hang up and call back at 407.835.3500 to be sure the person you’re speaking with is really who they claim to be.
  • Memorize your passwords or use a secure password aggregator that stores and encrypts your information so that you only need one password to access all your personal accounts. Be sure your passwords are strong.
  • Pay attention to your bills. Always read your financial statements and check in on your accounts to be sure you don’t miss any suspicious activity.
  • Be careful at ATMs. Make sure the one you’re using hasn’t been tampered with. Criminals can install skimmers to gain your information. This is less likely to happen in ATMs that are located indoors.
  • Pay for large purchases with a credit card. Federal law protects you against credit card fraud in most cases as long as you report the fraud within 60 days.

Reporting Fraud

If you suspect you’re a victim of fraud, we ask you to contact us at 407.835.3500, option 0 or email

Call 407.835.3500