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Certificate Accounts

Don't need the temptation of being able to spend your savings? Want to earn more in dividends while keeping your money safe? A certificate account at a high yield savings rate can help boost the growth of savings you don't immediately need. Watch Your Investment Soar!

Open A Certificate Of Deposit Today!
Open Certificate of Deposit Account or CD Account

A certificate of deposit (known also as a CD or share certificate) is a savings certificate with a fixed maturity date. It requires the initial deposit amount to remain for the term of the CD and is federally insured by NCUA.

  • Term options from 6 to 60 months
  • Competitive dividend rates
  • APY increases at higher balance amounts or longer term
  • A penalty will be charged for early withdrawal*

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$1,000 minimum
deposit with funds
not currently on
deposit with Orlando
Credit Union.

Open Certificate of Deposit Account or CD Account


25-Month Certificate Special
3.00% APY**

We have some of the best cd rates in central florida.

For the savings goals you wish to reach,
CDs are a smart, low-risk method of reaching them.

Orlando Credit Union can help you understand CDs and how to use them to reach your savings goals.

Other Certificate Of Deposit Terms

12-Month Term

$500 minimum deposit

0.05% APY*

Calculate Worth at Maturity

6-Month Term

$1,000 minimum deposit

0.05% APY*

Calculate Worth at Maturity

18-Month Share Certificate

$1,000 minimum deposit

0.20% APY

Open Now

12-Month Term

$1,000 minimum deposit

0.10% APY*

Calculate Worth at Maturity

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are current as of March 18, 2019. We will impose a penalty if you withdraw any of the principal balance in your account before the maturity date. The amount of the early withdrawal penalty is based on the term of the account. The amount of these penalties are as follows: Terms of 6 months or less lose 90 days’ worth of dividends; and terms greater than 6 months lose 180 days’ worth of dividends. The penalty is calculated as a forfeiture of part of the dividend that has been or would be earned on the amount withdrawn. If the account has not yet earned enough dividends or the dividend has already been paid, the penalty will be deducted from the principal. The Annual Percentage Yield disclosed is based on an assumption that dividends will remain in the account until maturity; a withdrawal will reduce earnings. Fees and penalties can reduce earnings on the account. CD rates subject to change without notice.

**APY=Annual Percentage Yield as of 09/24/22. Minimum opening deposit is $1,000. After the initial term, the 25-month certificate will automatically renew to the 24-month certificate, earning the then-current APY offered at the time of renewal. Rates subject to change without notice. Penalties apply for early withdrawals. Fees and penalties could reduce earnings.

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