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Orlando Credit Union's Wow! Rewards Points Program

Points Program

There are lots of reasons to bank with Orlando Credit Union, and now there is one better reason — Wow! Rewards. Being a loyal member is more rewarding than ever!

Want to Become a Member and
Receive 1,000 Points?

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  • Earn loyalty points for a variety of banking-related activities, including qualifying credit card transactions, qualifying loan balances, membership milestones and more.
  • Redeem points for cash back, gift cards, merchandise, charity, fuel redemption, Orlando Credit Union redemption options, as well as travel (including airline tickets, hotel and car rental).
  • Earn BONUS points from national, regional and local merchants.
  • No limit to the number of points you can earn.
  • Easily review reward points in online and mobile banking.
    Receive 1,000 points for joining us and quickly earn another 1,500 points by setting up your new account with direct deposit, estatements, mobile deposit and even simply downloading our mobile app.

How Can I Earn Points?

Earn points for everyday banking activities, including making purchases made with certain Orlando Credit Union credit cards. Best of all, the points you earn can be redeemed for just about anything you choose, including cash back. The more qualifying products you have with us, the more you can earn.

Ways To Earn With Credit Cards

With our Visa Platinum Credit Card, you can earn one point per every $1 for purchases.

With our Visa Xtreme REWARDS Credit Card, you can earn up to 4 points per every $1 for purchases.

  • 4 points per $1 spent for Amazon & Paypal transactions for first 12 months*
  • 3 points per $1 spent for Gas & Travel transactions**
  • 2 points per $1 spent for Dining & Grocery transactions***
  • 1 point per $1 spent for other purchases****

Also, with our participating cards, you can receive...

  • 300 points when you load your Visa SMART or Visa Xtreme REWARDS Credit Card into your digital wallet for the first time.
  • 100 points for every 5 years of membership.

Earn Points For Loans

Earn 1 point per $1,000 in average daily loan balances for qualifying vehicle, personal, and home equity (or HELOC) loans each month.^

And we’ll be adding new ways to earn points in the future!


What Can I Get With My Points?

Combine your credit card points with points you earn doing other everyday banking activities to redeem for cash back, gift cards, merchandise, travel, charitable contributions, pay at the pump or to pay credit union fees. Redeem your points for fee refunds on gift card fees, consumer loan/credit card late fees, domestic/international wire transfer fees, minimum balance fees, non-sufficient funds fees, skip-a-pay fees, and more.

How Can Points Be Redeemed?

Tracking and redeeming points is EASY! Visit the Wow! Rewards portal in online or mobile banking. Remember, there is no limit to the number of points that you can earn. 


Already A Member?

You're On Your Way! Wow! Rewards is easy to access! There’s no complicated sign-up process, offers to activate, or hoops to jump through. The program automatically tracks eligible banking activities and adds the points up for you. All you need to do is take advantage of all the great products and services that Orlando Credit Union offers and watch your points rack up!  Plus, you’ll receive 100 anniversary points every 5 years you are a member with Orlando Credit Union. Being a loyal member is more rewarding than ever! Visit the Wow! Rewards portal in online and mobile banking.

Not A Member? Get Started NOW!

Now’s a great time to discover all of the benefits of membership with Orlando Credit Union! When you become a member, you’ll get reward points for getting your account set up with one or more services most members use regularly:

Join Orlando Credit Union, where banking comes with a side of Wow!

^Does not include credit cards, sold mortgages or business loans. Loans must be current to receive points for the month. Points will be forfeited if loan is not current, and points will not be reinstated. *Four (4) points per every one (1) dollar of each Qualifying Amazon and Paypal Transaction (MCC 5942 or contains AMAZON, Amazon, AMZN, PAYPAL or PP*) during the first 12 months after opening their credit card account. The first point of every qualifying Amazon and Paypal transaction will be credited at time of purchase. The additional 3 points of every qualifying Amazon and Paypal transaction will be posted the following month during the first 12 months after the card is open.† **Three (3) points per every one (1) dollar of each Qualifying Gas and Travel Transaction (Includes MCC 5172, 5541, 5542, 5983, 3000 - 3299, 3351 - 3441, 3501 - 3835, 4111, 4112, 4131, 4411, 4457, 4468, 4511, 4582, 4722, 7011, 7033, 7512).† ***Two (2) points per every one (1) dollar of each Qualifying Dining and Grocery Transaction (Includes MCC 5300, 5411, 5422, 5451, 5462, 5499, 5812, 5813, 5814).† ****One (1) point per every one (1) dollar for other Qualifying Transactions.† *****Not available to existing members or joint accountholders. †Point earnings are based on the net retail purchase transaction volume (i.e., purchases less credits, returns and adjustments) charged to the Rewards Card during each day by the Cardholder. Net purchases are rounded to the nearest dollar and are subject to verification. If a transaction is subject to a billing dispute, the point value of the transaction may be deducted from the point total during the dispute period. If the transaction is reinstated, points will be reinstated.

Wow! Rewards points program terms and conditions can be viewed in the Wow! Rewards portal in online or mobile banking.

Have questions? We're here to help.